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Net Directory Ltd are one of the longest established Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation specialists in the UK. We have been developing websites and performing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) since 1991 so there isn't much we don't know about our industry. We have clients all over the world, from small bedroom businesses to large corporations with hundreds of employees and everything in between (including some world champion sports names).

If you need a new website, re-launch or SEO, we have the skills to develop your brand so it is top ranked among search engine giants like Google & Bing.

We have developed hundreds of websites over our two decades in the business, and can produce anything from small, one page landing pages to massive complex database driven sites using the latest in content management system technology.

Your online store can be anything from a personal blog with a page for t-shirts and mugs, to a massive online empire taking on the likes of Amazon, Tesco Entertainment and The software that we use is also designed
to be search engine friendly.

Being found online is paramount for most businesses to work the web. We use a number of different techniques that get your site right up there on the first page of Google and other Search Engines, and in most cases, we can actually get you into the number one spot.

At NDL we build our sites using the most recent and optimal software. For large sites with a lot of content, or sites that have to be updated very often, we recommend using a CMS (Content Management System). The CMS lets you manage sites of many types and sizes.

Here at NDL we pride ourselves on our unique bespoke built websites. We offer an unrivaled service in helping
you to plan and design your website and market it to
it's best possible potential so you get everything you
want from your website.

We have a huge database of pre-optimised
domain names available. Using domain names through NDL we can help your websites be found online easily, helping your business grow faster as more people
become aware of your brand.

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