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Cinema Screens Limited
Just a short note to say how very pleased we are with our new website. Its such an improvement
upon its predecessor, which was quite boring, so thank you for putting your extremely good
design skills to work for us. What really impressed us though is that before we instructed your company to host our site, even i found it difficult to find when searching, and i knew which details
to put in! Last week we featured on the front page of most of the search engines, which was quite amazing. So your company's promise was truly kept.

Julie Roberts, Director -
Contraband International Ltd

I wanted to write to you to thank you for the excellent service we have received from Net Directory Ltd. Having been so called 'optimised' by three companies before speaking to Net Directory Ltd i was very dubious about the 'optimisation industry' as a whole. As we have to date opted for the PPC advertising direction. we are bombarded every week with at least 2 optimisation companies urging us to optimise our site. I can't tell you how many companies i have listened to at length as one after the next profess to have the knowledge of first page rankings. And might i tell you that each method is completely different from the next!

The first internet company promised to optimise my site and simply posted a ghost page, which was only a simple template with a couple of pictures (which weren't even ours) and some made up text. A complete waste of time and i demanded a full refund, which i did after several call receive! The second company sold us a package of 600 keywords and promised to finish the optimisation within 4 weeks and have us on the first page of all major search engines within 8 weeks.

A sitemap was added to our site, after a staggering 7 months, which promptly disappeared after our bi-monthly updates. To think a company could optimise a site but not allow you to update the site is just mind boggling. The third company only optimised 6 keywords, of which we never saw any remote differences.

Net Directory Ltd, unlike the various cold calling companies who been running up my PPC campaign by clicking on my link then calling me, (not a good way to start a sales pitch) were recommended to us by another company within our old office building. From the first time i spoke to Mark (in the sales team), to when he took the trouble to come down from Scotland for a face to face meeting, where he sat at my desk and talked me through in simple layman's terms what Net Directory Ltd would do for me, I was hugely impressed. I was advised that to optimise my site, it would need to be re-designed. The design work done by Gemma has just been incredible. The colours, layout and general structure of the site is as our brief - corporate, easy to navigate and each act has their own individual page. James and his team not only created an awesome site, which now puts the bench mark up for our competitors but we also received the admin structure and software to allow us, in house to update and edit our own website. This alone has saved us a fortune, and will continue to do so. Aside from the saving of our cash flow, being able to update an act when a client is wanting to book for a event, has allowed us to win jobs we previously would have lost, as our previous website updates were only done twice a month. As a result we have one member of staff permanently employed by the company to maintain and update the performers to our website. I know most of our competitors are not in this advantageous position! Our web stat page also allows us to keep an eye on our site and assess our traffic and search strings and will continue to be an invaluable tool in our future growth.

The service we have received from Net Directory Ltd has been outstanding. All of our questions, issues and requests have been dealt with thoroughly and incredibly fast, like an extension of our own office, our own in house web company.

We would strongly recommend any clients to work with Net Directory Ltd and i wish the whole team a very successful business future.

Archie Archer, Director -

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